The Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative is the largest home education group in Alachua County that does not have a religious affiliation. Members of the GHC hail from all walks of life. Christians, non_theists, curriculum-focused homeschoolers, unschoolers, and anything and everything in between can all come to this open and friendly group to find a place in the homeschooling community.

Whether you are handling all your child(ren)'s educational needs and are solely looking for socialization, or you are needing support with all aspects of the experience, the GHC can help you get connected and involved in their network of learning opportunities. Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative members include all of the primary leaders of Friends of Alachua County Homeschoolers among their ranks.

The GHC is a large, flexible organization that aims to provide a network for those looking to accomplish learning in any way. They use the platform in order to generate events for all kinds of experiences. Weekly park days, elementary co-op classes, Hacker Scouts, drama, art, social gatherings, Magic the Gathering, and field trips to places like the Harn, the Florida Museum of Natural History, Santa Fe Teaching Zoo, Dudley Farm, Morningside Nature Center, Leveda Brown Environmental Park, as well as park clean-ups and hikes have all been among events hosted by the GHC.

The Gainesville Homeschool Cooperative welcomes new members and allows any group member to suggest a meetup event. If there is a project you want to see happen, we have the community to make it happen. Come join our ranks!