Getting Started

While the choice to homeschool is a major decision for most families, registering as a homeschooler is relatively simple. The first official step you must take is to contact the school board and register as a homeschooler. There is a very simple form you must complete and then each year you will need to either have a portfolio evaluation or take a standardized state test, though not necessarily one for Florida.

If your child is currently enrolled in school, it is polite (but not necessary) to inform his/her teacher of your decision to homeschool. Your child’s teacher may prove to be a valuable resource in helping your child transition from school to home.

There are a few questions that are helpful for parents to ask themselves at the start of their homeschool journey. These questions will help you to make key decisions about the way you structure your homeschool and what curriculum, if any, you choose to use:

  1. How does my child learn best?
  2. What is my child most passionate about learning?
  3. What do I believe is most important for my child to learn right now?
  4. By the time my child is a young adult, what knowledge do I hope my child has learned?
  5. What does my child believe is most important for him/her to learn now? In the future?

If you've made up your mind and your child is of school age, your first step is to contact the school board. They will ask you to complete a form to register your student(s). This form is available on the Alachua County Public Schools website, but you have to be a web ninja to locate it--so we've done it for you. Here is the link to the form to complete for registering as a homeschooler. (Please understand that we have no affiliation with the school board and that this information is subject to change without notice at any time.) All contact information for the Home School Department at the school board is on the PDF form in the link.

Congratulations on choosing this exciting journey. Know that whatever methods you choose, you can modify them again and again as until you find the right fit for your child. There is no single path to learning, as experiences homeschoolers know. You will find the way(s) that work best for your family. And our resources can help! Please check out our Resources and our FAQ for more assistance, and be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for events that may appeal to you or your student(s).